Customer FAQ


What is OurTradie?

OurTradie connects qualified tradies with exclusive job requests from general customers and Property Managers for their home and property maintenance needs. OurTradie goes beyond returning business listings, ratings and quotes. We help you manage all aspects of your home and property maintenance needs from seeking quotes to scheduling and managing the job all with the help of trusted local tradies. Soon, after the tradie you choose finishes the job to your satisfaction, you will be able to pay them with just one click.

Can I work with my existing tradies?

Yes, just load their listings in and your existing tradies are available immediately. When you need to find a new tradie to get more quotes or for a trade you don’t normally have to use, just put the job into the OurTradie network and we will source tradies for you.

How much does OurTradie cost?

We are free for general customers. Property Managers and Tradies pay a small fee for using our business improvement tools which save them considerable amounts of time and money.

How do I explain OurTradie to my managers?

OurTradie will save you hours of time wasted on manual tasks every week. Take a look at our OurTradie Saver to find out how much we can save you.

How is OurTradie different from HiPages, Service Seeking etc.?

Forget quote only sites! These sites charge tradies for leads and this inflates prices because tradies have to add a margin for the cost of the lead. Tradies also have to quote high for work they have not seen to get their quote in faster than the other tradies bidding for the work. This cause frustration for both the customer and the tradie.

Where is OurTradie available?

We operate throughout Australia and have qualified local tradies waiting for your work.

User Registration

I have a job and could use some help. How do I register for OurTradie?

You can start the signup process here, and you'll be able to jump right into requesting a tradie to complete a job for you. We won't ask you for a lot of information - just your email, phone number, and password so you can access your service requests once submitted.

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number so that you can schedule the tradie you select and to receive SMS job updates. Once you contact a tradie, your phone number will be shared with them, and vice versa. This way, you can contact each other to agree upon a time to schedule the job. Other than that, we never share your phone number with any of the other Tradies who quote on your job request or anyone else.

Will my phone number and address be public?

Only when you contact a tradie to do your job do we exchange contact information. You'll get a phone contact for them, and the tradie will receive your phone number as well. This way, you can schedule the timing for the job more effectively, as well as have a means to contact one another should there be a change of plan.

Manage Account

How do I manage my account or make changes?

Your account settings can be managed in the My Account area, which can be reached by the login link in the top-right corner.

Can I receive alerts about my job by text message?

Yes, we send emails and text messages to notify you of important information and reminders related to your job. You will add your mobile phone number in the simple registration process, but you can modify the alerts you get on your phone in your Manage Accounts settings.

How come I'm not receiving any emails from OurTradie?

They may be going to your spam folder. Please add to your safe senders list or address book to ensure reliable email delivery.

Can I delete my account?

To disable your account, please email us at

Creating Jobs

I need a job done. How do I request one?

You can request a job to be done by clicking here. From there, we'll ask you a few short questions about the size and scope of your maintenance job, after which your request details will be sent to local tradies with the right expertise for your job.

What kinds of services can I request on OurTradie?

We support many kinds of service types, whether you need a plumber for that leaky toilet, a painter for your living room walls, or a roofer to fix those tiles. When in doubt, request! We'll let you know if we don't have any Tradies for your job.

Does OurTradie charge to request services?

OurTradie is always free for the customer.

How do I add information or photos about my job after I've submitted the request?

Simply log into your account here and go to the Active Jobs page. Then, click the link under your job description that says Upload Photos or Files.

Tradies and Service

How are Tradies matched to my job?

OurTradie uses our proprietary algorithm to match your job request with the local Tradies who are best rated and most qualified to do your job. This way, we ensure that you're not matched with a tradie who's not an expert at the work you need done.

How can I get the most price quotes for my job?

The more descriptive you can be about the details of your job, the more plentiful (and accurate!) your job quote return will be. Photos or video are a big added bonus. If a tradie has a question about your job request, make sure you answer it quickly and include as many details as possible. Outside of that, make sure you're as flexible as you can be on the timing of your job - you'll be more likely to get more quotes from more Tradies if you've got an open availability.

What if I need a service on a regular basis?

For tasks such as housecleaning or lawn mowing, you'll be able to select the option of a recurring service when you submit your request.

How do I accept a quote?

When you receive a quote you're happy with, click the Accept Quote button to confirm that tradie’s price or request for more information.

Reviewing and Responding

How long do I have to review price quotes after they've been submitted?

Each quote has a valid until date. Once it is reached you can no longer review the price quote.

How do I answer questions from tradies?

Often, Tradies need more information before they can quote you a price and will ask you to clarify some details. We'll notify you by email and/or text message when this happens, and you can answer the question from your jobs page. The exchanges you have between the Tradies bidding on your job will be private.

Can I ask Tradies questions about their price quotes?

Tradies get many chances to ask you questions about your job, and their responses should be thorough. But after you receive a reply for your job, you can initiate a private conversation with the Tradies who quoted. Look for the tradie’s message on the corresponding quote and click the link to read more and/or reply. Your message will be sent directly to the tradie and won't be visible to other tradies who might be interested in your job. When the tradie responds, we'll send you another email to let you know.

Can I negotiate prices with tradies?

Tradies will have many opportunities to ask you questions about your job and the scale and needs of the work. By the time you accept a tradie’s proposal, both you and the tradie should be clear on how much the job will cost but some works do change as they progress so you may need to renegotiate price changes via OurTradie in that case. Your tradie will present you with an invoice at the end of the transaction, which is the final bill for the amount you owe.

Ratings and Reviews

My job is finished. How do I pay my tradie?

All you have to do is accept the job is complete and you will receive a final invoice with payment details included. For now, you pay the tradie directly but soon you will be able to pay by credit card, BPay, at Australia Post and by direct debit or locked bag.

Once your job is complete and you've paid the tradie, we'll send you a link to rate (1-5 stars) your tradie and review the job's end result.

My tradie did a great job! How do I write a review?

Once your job is complete and you've paid the tradie, we'll send you a link to rate (1-5 stars) your tradie and review the job's end result.

Can I review a service tradie if I didn't do a job with them on OurTradie?

You're only able to review service Tradies after they've done a job for you. This keeps OurTradie's Ratings and reviews authentic and prevents the tampering of the reviews that's common on other review sites.

Can Tradies remove negative reviews or contest them?

OurTradie users need to know about good experiences and bad ones. As long as a review is factual and not offensive, OurTradie will not remove it.